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Petroland Internal Gear Pump


Petroland is a Turkish pump manufacturer, specializing in manufacture gear pumps, and Petroland makes the production of top quality products as principle within ‘Hardline Quality’ principle and changes the quality perception in the sector. Petroland continues to offer you new products by combining its experience of more than 20 years, acknowledge and cutting edge technology product machine park by making no concessions.


PD series internal gear pumps are self-priming positive displacement pumps and they have very reliable design with only moving two parts. Because of both direction properties, the design is suitable for filling and discharge.

  • Application variety with 56 different casing size
  • Operation wide range of viscosity
  • Easy of usage and maintenance for only moving two parts
  • Connection design is adjustable for 900or 1800
  • The pump design is suitable for every type of seal (special design, lip seal, packing gland, single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal)
  • Variety jacketing options also available
  • The rotor case can rotate 3600

For more information please visit: Petroland web site


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